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Thanks for stopping by DO (delightfully Unorthodox). Happy to host you. The next few minutes will offer an escape from brainless routines. Pay close attention to each point for its significance is inevitable.

To my dear man,

The widely misunderstood creature, known for regularly being clueless and quite often missing hints relayed by the female counterpart.. I don’t blame you for constantly feeling like there is no winning in this competitive life of dating. The below list is agreed by a good number of females to be key pointers to what makes them gush with admiration.


  1. Good Hair

The first thing a girl will notice when she’s sees you is your face. Your height too, but mostly your face. When there is a sign of well taken care of hair whether a clean shave, neatly cut beard or long dreads, it’s really hot if it is well kempt. Mainly because it is related to hygiene and being responsible.  Now if you don’t have any, don’t panic… I am sure you have a voice. I find it that in the morning, guys’ voices are super sexy because they are deep and raspy. Bonus is a nice set of white teeth and fresh breath… makes a girl just fantasize how great it would be to kiss you.

  1. Great Hands

Girls find it super-hot when a guy has nice clean hands and nails. Again, reflects back on hygiene. Hugs! Gosh how much a girl loves it when she is pulled into a warm protective embrace by a set of strong arms… one of the best feeling ever! A great way to bond is a sneak hug from behind. You just have to be careful about who you do it to because, the hug from behind will only be accepted if you have a pass at invading her personal space. Bonus is when the strong arms are helpful with stuff like opening a water bottle and carrying heavy bags. A great way to make skin contact and show off this quality is to help her down the stairs. Just be sure to stiffen your arm so that she can feel the firm support. Remember the same goes for when you offer to help her out of the ride.

  1. Funny

You would think this point has been exhausted but not quite. Girls love it when you make them laugh. It’s a great way to lighten up an awkward situation in that it will ease up tension that comes with walking into an unknown… basically what first dates are. A great idea is doing something silly that you think will make a her laugh. Bonus – if it’s an epic fail, you explain that you are trying to get her to laugh because you’d love to see her pretty smile. That will in the least make her grin. If not she probably has zero sense of humor.

I remember one time a guy walked up to me and started chatting me up. Conversation was nothing out of the ordinary, but then my gaze diverted away to scan the rest of the room and when I brought my focus back to him, I caught him staring at my face. Of course I challenged why he was eyeballing and in response he beamed ‘I was just thinking that if you were a triangle you’d be acute one’ that just threw me off, I couldn’t stop laughing at how corny that was. But he had won me over just by that silly joke!

  1. Being decisive

I cannot say how many times I have asked a guy’s opinion on something and he went like ‘I don’t know… what you think?’ It’s so annoying you guys! When she’s asking you something, she’s basically saying ‘I value your opinion and I need it now not seconds later because I am super indecisive mostly because I want everything.’ (Phew! I need to catch my breath there) this is normally how we think inside our heads, when we are getting frustrated… no punctuation marks anywhere in sight!

So if you ask her out on a date, it’s cool to ask her what she’d like but don’t make her plan on the details of the date, that you asked her out to in the first place. A guy that takes charge with planning ahead for the day, week or future shows signs of being a leader and not a follower, which is pretty much what every girl desires.

  1. Have an interesting personality

There is nothing sadder than being out on a date and struggling real hard to stay awake from the boring conversation. No I did not just spend an hour (or more) dong my hair and makeup and try on five different outfits to come listen to how much you are pissed off (insert player) missed the game. Talking about getting drunk every other weekend sounds exciting only to a teenager. Pick up a hobby that doesn’t involve drinking. Trying on a different style of fashion is great way to start, even if just by replacing your glass frames for a more modern design or adding an accessory to your outfit. Anything away from the boring oversized jeans and promo t-shirt.

  1. Likeable, Alpha Male

My definition of an alpha male is a guy that exudes a strong sense of confidence and has a dominant character. He is a social butterfly that is not afraid to make his thoughts known, without having to offend anyone. Being able to make your presence felt in a room (and no, letting out a loud fart in a silent room full of people doesn’t count) same effect but not what I mean. Girls cannot resist a combination of a confident male that is kind and smiles easily. It gets even better if he is easy on the eyes and has great style suitable for his body type. A good cologne will have the next person glad to have you around. The internet offers great tips on how to start and hold a conversation with anyone, so you can use it to develop the skill. Just remember that being a great conversationalist starts with being a good listener… now that should be innate.

7. Hard to get

Promiscuity is largely accepted when the guilty party is male, especially in African setting where there is a belief that men lack the ability to remain loyal to one lover. What most men do not realize is, women also love it when a guy has standards on who he allows to be with him and not just any opportunity that presents itself for a hook-up. Girls gossip all the time, endowing the spread of news about guys that seem to have no regard for self-respect. A guy who is ready to turn down advances from the opposite sex creates an aura of being ‘quite the catch’ and the girl on his arm will proudly show off her prized possession (tongue sticking out to the other ogling girls). You will also increase interest from women because there is just something irresistible about knowing she can’t get a certain mister!

8. Relates to women

An element affecting one woman is definitely common to another…and another. Therefor by educating yourself on one or a few of these, gives you an advantage to other men, completely oblivious on matters affecting girls. A good example is menses. Assuming anytime a girl is moody means she’s on her period, while she might actually just be having a bad day is ignorant and will end up annoying her even more. Another one is girls love food. Being able to put together a great meal for her is a major bonus especially since most men can’t cook to save their lives!

9. Compliments

None of the creepy kind like your bra is sexy. Girls love being complimented! Makes us feel like you pay attention to us. It’s even better if a guy can identify a quality about her that he finds attractive out of the norm… could be the way her nose wrinkles when she grins or her cute toes. Whatever it is, identify it and show your approval. Bonus is that one thing a girl pays extra attention to… could be her hair, nails or phone case. You will know because she will regularly upgrade to what’s trending. If you can remember to notice when she does something new and commend her for it, now that shows you pay a special kind of attention.


Thank you for reading this far, I sincerely hope that this was educative and fun. If you have points that you feel should have made the list, pop them down below on the comments section and keep the conversation going!

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