Things she did that turn him on

Turn hOn


Slow romantic Jazz played in the dimly lit room that served as the lounge area, where they would hold long conversations while sat snuggled up next to each other. However, there was no one in sight this particular evening. The room was neatly arranged just like she liked. It drove her crazy walking into a messy setting… and it didn’t help that he found her angry face cute because her ears and cheeks turned to a tomato red color. It would bewilder her even more watching his amused face stare down at her as if she was speaking in a foreign language. Shawnie was soaking in the bathtub her head rested on a towel, both arms hidden in the warm soapy liquid along with the rest of her naked body… Her alarm went off forcing her to break away from the day dreaming state and back into reality. The interruption meant her marinate was now ready to be thrown into a shallow pile of freshly done salad. It also meant she was to expect her man home in just under an hour. Enough to get ready and present dinner by the time Tony came home. Their second-year anniversary was two months away. Shawnie and Tony had met 4 years ago, married for almost two. Their relationship was at its peak, no kids yet, a mutual decision between them to allow them to enjoy each other and learn on how to coexist and create a happy and loving environ, suitable for a child’s upbringing. Well that and they did also need to save up the dough! Now sitting in front of her dressing mirror, she covered the remaining bit of the delicate lips with a deep red… to match her heel bottoms. Her warm soft skin moisturised with scented oils and covered only by sheer lace lingerie he had seemed to like, last time she had dragged him out for shopping. Tony always avoided the task of tagging along for shopping, thank heavens for the smart shop designs that came with comfortable seats, mostly meant for men to sit and wait for their women to drag endless hours picking out outfits and whatever the hell they felt was needed on that instance. Shawnie had pretended not to like this piece… while changing out of the skimpy material, the idea of surprising him with it seemed too sweet. But that meant acting like she didn’t want it so that in his mind, he was to never enjoy her performance in it. Only she did not know, Tony had considered sneaking the lingerie he liked into her shopping bag after having discretely paid for it when she got distracted. They were a fun couple. Shawnie walked to her shoe closet and picked the heels. The red bottomed heels. And finally stood before the full mirror positioned next to their matrimonial bed. A sly smile curved her now red lips… she was happy with the presentation Tony would walk into. But wait, she had spent a bit more time getting ready, she now had only fifteen minutes till Tony was home. It was a chilly night outside, and now next to the window, a slight breeze made contact with her skin causing her to shiver slightly. Then the idea to throw on one of his tees seemed perfect, since he always found it sexy when she wore his tops. Just so long as she knew when to give them back! Luckily, she easily picked a white tee with light fabric, enough to have him wonder whether she had anything underneath… oh the surprise he would get observing the black lingerie and realising she had gone back to get it! She giggled to herself again now heading to the open kitchen. But not before adding some sensual perfume to her neck.

It had been 30 minutes since he Tony was expected to be home from work. Shawnie was getting agitated, it was not routine for him to be late to anything. She had told him to expect a special meal for today’s dinner, and he seemed excited about it over the phone so why was he not here? ‘Maybe he’s in trouble’ she thought, but quickly pushed back the negative speculation to the back of her mind and decided to call him to see what the holdup was… He didn’t answer. Now almost forty-five minutes late. Damn it! What if she had stuck to her initial plan of posing on the dinner table perched on it, one heel stationed on a sit and her back faced to the door? The idea was to slowly turn towards Tony, and say these exact words, ‘Hello handsome, I thought you’d never show… I will be your hostess f for the evening, Please make yourself comfortable.’ Only now she was beginning to think he’s never show! Now almost pissed, she retyped a text to his number the third time. The first two attempts had to be modified after reading the sentences to herself. ‘A bit dramatic, don’t you think? I mean we do still want him to come home after all.’ She decided. After hitting send, she stood up to place the marinate lemon herb and butter flavoured chicken back in the oven to keep it warm and replace the salad in the refrigerator to maintain its cool. Recipe specifically instructed to serve salad chilled. It tasted better that way apparently. A glass of wine should help calm the nerves, so she went for a third serve… looking down at the half empty bottle, a slight buzz was undeniable. She was kinkier when tipsy anyway, now that the plan had changed from being his servant for the night, to being the servant that would teach her master a lesson after his fill. He would need it for the performance she had choreographed for that night.

Shawnie woke up now on the couch, wine glass deposited on coffee table. Gosh how long had she passed out for? Her eyes then narrowed recalling she had been waiting on Tony to get home. A quick glance around the room confirmed he was absent. He would have been right next to her. They were always within close proximity when in each other’s presence, if their bodies were not in contact. A quick look in the wall ticker confirmed it was now five past twelve in the morning. Where was he! She kept asking herself now getting irritated. His last text read he was just about to wind up the board meeting after a vote was taken for the new board chair. Every beginning of a new financial year came with the election of new board chair as per company guidelines. This or death or stepping down of current board chairperson. The premier was the case in this instance. Now feeling defeated, Shawnie decided on going to meet her man at his last established location. The office. A reflection of her in the full bedroom mirror reminded her of the choice of clothing. It would shock Catherine, the PA, to see her boss’ wife almost naked in a tee and heels. She needn’t have details of how the madame chose to present herself to her lover within the privacy of their home. And so it is then Tony’s top was replaced with her beige trench coat. Car keys in hand and mobile on the other, Shawnie headed for the front door and out into her Toyota Rav4. A few seconds after and the engine was brought to life and the headlights full on to guide her way in the night. It was now fifteen minutes after midnight and she still had a slight buzz from the wine. Maybe she should have hired a ride to her destination? The thought was quickly replaced by the assumption that that would take more time before she finally got to Tony’s office. She reversed into the driveway now wet from the light rain from earlier, then drove into the main road.

Catherine was not at her usual sitting in front of her boss’ office. Good opportunity for Shawnie to walk in announced. Maybe she should have even stuck to her initial choice of outfit, now knowing she wouldn’t have to face the judgement from the elderly PA. ‘Too late!’ She decided. Besides, what if even worse, she walked in on the whole board member’s ensemble?! ‘Fine so we are safe for now.’ She thought now standing in front of Tony’s closed office door. She could hear low voices inside, but was not able to make out what was being said. All the waiting had made her impatient and upset, not to mention the wine left her feeling in need of him. Add them all up and you have a frustrated woman, who would otherwise rather not interrupt her husband’s official affairs, unless in case of emergency. Well this was an emergency, wasn’t it? The door swung open bringing Tony’s attention to the entrance, recognising wifey. She looked hot in the red lipstick and her cleavage was slightly revealed from the ‘v’ design the trench had… her feet dressed in black heels. ‘Damn she’s sexy!’ He thought to himself. Just at the same time he felt life start to form in his trousers. He forced his eyes back to her face. Her oh so lovely face that he adored since the time he first saw her at the mini store, on their way to a concert. Tony and his friends had stopped to get some snacks for the hour-long ride. She had smiled shyly when she caught his gaze before following her friend out the exit. He thought about the pretty stranger the whole evening. Little did he know that they would soon meet again, at Shawnie’s friend’s house warming party.

‘Uh oh, why does she seem angry? She’s doing that thing with her lips she does when she’s stopping herself from saying something she might regret.’ He was suddenly aware that he had forgotten something important. ‘Steve, this is my wife, Shawnie.’ He announced while he got up to approach her for a hug, but quickly changed his mind when he saw that Shawnie now stood in the middle of the room, her legs slightly apart and her arms folded in front on her breasts. Her gaze fixed on him, maintaining eye contact… She wasn’t just angry, there something more in her eyes. The other gentleman turned to face the madame being introduced to him. He quickly picked up on the tension now filled in the room and mumbled a quiet ‘nice to meet you.’ Shawnie closed in on the distance to the stranger and offered her hand for greeting. She then turned to her man and kissed his cheek sweetly before choosing to sit next to Stephen. She was upset by his disappointment, but would still never disrespect him in public. Certainly, not at work. She understood that his colleagues looked up to him. A wise lady never displays her dirty laundry for people to see. Tony was the first to speak ‘Stephen I think we finish this discussion later. My wife needs attending to for now’ He ended with finality.

Soon as Steve was out the door and in the hallway Shawnie inquired, ‘how are you baby?’ Tony still hadn’t figured out what trouble he was in so he answered gingerly, ‘Had a long meeting, I am beat from it but other than that I’m fine. Are you okay my love?’ he asked, almost certain the answer he would get. She smiled sweetly and started ‘I am glad you asked.’ Now getting up to go stand beside his desk where she was closer to him. Her perfume filled his nostrils. His groin now more affected by her. He sat still watching her. Shawnie~ ‘I washed up and dressed pretty, even made an extra effort with my hair’ ‘why can’t she ever just get straight to the point?’ he thought. ‘I had picked up fresh groceries to make a lovely dinner for us to enjoy tonight… well yesterday rather.’ ‘Oh no! How could you forget!’ he now understood her attitude. She picked up on his realisation and now changed to sit on his desk, crossing her legs to reveal the curvy pair. He instinctively reached out to touch her now exposed thighs. ‘I am glad your fingers work, I was worried your hands had failed you and you had now lost the ability to use your phone to text me’ she was teasing. He smiled at the joke. ‘I am so sorry baby, I completely lost track of time with the meeting’ Her face showed she wasn’t impressed by the explanation. She descended from the desk and moved a few steps away then stopped to undo the knot that held her coat together. Her frontal then turned to face back to him now revealing the sheer material, only covering keys parts of her womanhood. His eyes instantly widened, his mouth ajar taking in the beautiful sight now before him. She was happy about the effect she had on him so she dared further. Pushing the coat off her shoulders so it would drop to her feet. ‘I would think this would assure you only lose track of time, exploring it’s depths’ Shawnie now presented her full length. Amused at how dumbfounded he seemed now.  He started to get off his chair headed toward her ‘Don’t you dare move from that seat until I tell you so.’ she commanded. He obeyed. She then got down on all fours to retrieve something from her coat pocket. A set of pink fluffy handcuffs that she would use to cuff his right wrist to the chair. His bulge now evident as he watched her slowly move away towards the liquor cabinet to his left, to pour herself a shot of the fine single malt displayed for his guests. She then advanced towards the leather couch that faced the cabinet and sat down. She could feel his gaze on her but pretended to be oblivious of it. ‘You were saying?’ She directed at him before sipping on the liquid characterized by a woody scent and light notes of honey, vanilla and spice, from the glass now in her left hand. The concentrate warming up her palate. She placed the glass on the side table next to where she was sited slightly spilling the remains on the glass top. He hadn’t uttered a word yet so she commanded, ‘go on…’ Just when he finally gathered what remained of his egghead to come up with a sentence, she took off the top part of her outfit, now left bare chested ‘I seem to have made a mess!’ she said ‘I’ll clean it up right away’ she added, turning to bend over the side table using her bra to wipe the spilled liquid.

He attempted to charge for her curvy rear now facing him… but alas! He was bound to his seat. He cursed under his breath annoyed that he wasn’t successful at his mission toward her, his woman, this captivating view bent over bare skinned. ‘Baby, come uncuff me from this seat.’ He breathed. ~


Thank you for reading this far, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll be pointing out the points later on this week, for now try pick up on the hints l dropped through out the article.

I felt it would be more fun for a change than the usual point format… drop a comment to let me know if you’d like more of this and what points you picked up so far. (Considering a part two for continuation of this) Remember, the devil is in the detail!

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