First Stop, Santorini Greece


Hello my loves, to say that I have missed you would be an understatement. My trip was great but being away just made me realize how much I love doing this… writing. And so it is safe to say, I am glad to be back at it.

This trip allowed the birth of yet another category… this category – Travel and Stay. I will be sharing my travel experiences and lessons learnt to help guide you on how to better plan for vacation trips, places to visit, what to look out for and of course, how to best maximize on time and funds spent in the destinations. The world is a grand place and there are endless places to visit, well it might seem so especially when you haven’t started touring yet, so I will also invite guest travel bloggers to share tips as well. This way, you are spoilt for choice on travel and stay options.


First off, thank you so much for being patient about the next article, it has been a while… I do want to appreciate my followers who watched the live videos I posted as a glimpse of my trip, it was an absolute pleasure chatting live with the great personalities! It honestly made me consider vlogging sooner. With that said, here we go.

I will break this into 4 articles, dedicating each to a destination by sequence of travel. Photos will further help describe exactly what I am talking about.


This trip was amazing, well for the most of it. I did encounter a number of troubles as well, which I will share as I go. I was unable to before so as to not interfere with an ongoing investigation, but at least now all evidence was presented and suspect was arrested so there won’t be any tampering as at now. At a short glace of what I mean; I got robbed soon as I landed in Rome and was almost run over by the suspect trying to chase him (yea I know, what was I thinking… that I am James Blonde?!), missed my flight to Barcelona while in Rome (totally not my fault ), was forced to pay for my flight ticket and baggage allowance twice in Barcelona trying to get to Paris, Lost my gorgeous new shoes and phone in Paris and the mother of it all, was forced to pay penalty to allow me to exit France and come back home. Yea… too much, you may think. But don’t be discouraged to travel, you can choose to sulk and dwell on the what was lost or pick up the remaining pieces and fall in love with the experience over and over again. The latter appeals to me best as you will soon see.

Flight from Nairobi to Athens is ten hours minus the six-hour layover in Dubai. (If you’re flying Emirates) which allowed me to visit my sibling in Dubai, who lives and works there. My sweet sister was waiting for me at the airport with her new man. Being early in the morning, we had fewer options of places to hang out. We had breakfast at Subway Sandwiches then I got to experience the subway (first time for me) when we took a train  to a mall closest to the airport.


After some window shopping, we settled on having coffee at Starbucks. It felt like the six hours has slipped away and I soon had to head back to the airport in time to catch my connecting flight to Athens. Must say, I almost broke down when I had to say my last good byes before we parted… Okay maybe I did. I had an amazing morning with the adorable couple, walking through Dubai while chatting and laughing as though we were toddlers without a care in the world. Needless to say, the only consolation was I had an exciting vacation ahead.


I still remember her last words when she was hugging me “I am not able to come with you this time. But I will experience all the cities you get to visit through your eyes… so make sure to take in as much as possible!”

Thank you so much for having me sis, till we meet again!


Touch down in Santorini at about five in the evening… right at the airport, we are received by a warm reception. You can immediately tell that the locals are friendly and kind, everyone seems to have a permanent smile on their faces! We got ushered into the taxi by our handsome driver (we were to soon learn that Greece bosts very attractive nationals) and drove us to the hotel of stay ~ Kirini Santorini about 45 minutes from the airport. I highly recommend it as a honey moon destination. It offers beautiful scenery of the open waters and the pretty white houses you see on google. The sunsets are out of this world, would offer great shots for photographer or travel blogger.

Santorini sunset

hotel sunset view overlooking Oia

It is fairly warm during the day, but it  gets chilly in the evening so you might want to pack something warm to wear at night.

The hotel offers a good variety of breakfast selection, again served by gorgeous staff dressed in all white and cool sunglasses. That plus the views and tasty food rich in flavor, is something you must experience at least once in a lifetime.

Santorini bf

First day in Santorini was spent walking through the town to Oia pronounced “ia”.  It’s a long walk so I recommend choosing comfortable open shoes. You want to have your camera charged so you can take shots of the stunning views! That is among the list of things that makes Santorini stand out from other destinations… they repaint the all white town twice every month giving it a clean and fresh feel.

Santorini view

A bit of a heads up, Santorini sits on hilly land so you’ll go up and down a lot of stairs to move around as you explore the town. Its good cardio as well.

Santorini stairs2

If you’re a fan of pizza and flavored Ice cream, I recommend having lunch at Skiza in the town. Skiza in swahili means ‘listen‘ I wonder if they that’s where the name came from. It’s right by the pathway so impossible to miss.


They also offer the best flavored Ice cream in town! You should have it at the top of your to-do-list in Santorini.

Ice cream

lemon flavored ice cream and fresh orange juice from Skiza

After walking through the town for most of the day, the gang was ready to head back to the hotel and get ready for the surprise birthday dinner planned for the evening. The venue – Katitkies, is a nice hotel that has one of the best restaurants in town.

dinner setup

dinner setup at Katikies Hotel

It’s gourmet food complimented by the fabulous staff will ensure you have a great evening.

foodie! gourmet dinner at Katikies

Did I mention the stunning night views? Makes you stop and clear your mind as you take in the beauty. Its is a great stress reliever as it takes you away from chaos that comes with living in a busy city.

night view - santorini

Stunning night view from restaurant at Katikies

The best way to end the night is by having a special wine offered at the restaurant. It is a heavy bodied red wine that is spicy flavored, with a sweet chocolate finish. The wine bottle comes in an elegant design, easy to hold when serving the wine.

santorini wine

Day two in Santorini was spent on a day’s cruise, where we got to have a different view of the town and it’s wide waters. The cruise package covers for unlimited drinks, wine and beer as well as food. They have a good variety of sea food and poultry that is marinated and grilled to perfection.

sea food

lunch grill

The crew also doubles up as djs, they’ll keep you on your feet dancing and making merry while enjoying the cruise. Of course you’ll have such a great time you’ll want to capture this memory by taking a photo with your pals, just like me and the girls…


The lovely ladies happy on board

The cruise ended late in the evening, it was already dark. We were all exhausted from the day’s activities so we headed back to the hotel to pack up. This was our last night in the beautiful town of Santorini. I would have loved to try out the night scene but I had had one too many vodka cocktails. HAHA


Santorini sunset

I had such an amazing time in Santorini, the beautiful views, friendly locals, all the eye candy and  tasty food. It all left permanent memories to be cherished until when I’m back. Who knows, next time I might just stay!

Things to look out for;

  • Security – Santorini is safe, so you needn’t worry about pick pockets and the likes.
  • Food – Very tasty and bursting with fresh flavor. The style of preparation is also great since they use pure olive oil. You won’t put on any extra weight, I promise.
  • Budget – Being a popular tourist destination, items are sold a bit higher than other cities. Factor this into your budget.
  • Shopping – Not a mall in sight, maybe save the shopping for Duty free
  • Nightlife – unfortunately I didn’t get to experience this, but you can always try it out and share your findings!

I recommend downloading Tinder, it’s a great way to make new friends in a new city!

Thank you for reading this far, I hope this piece was insightful as to what to expect from the destination. If you’d like to see more of something i may have left out please leave me a comment down below and add it to the post!

Have you visited Santorini before? If you have, please share what stood out the most to you!

Finally, Don’t forget to share with that person you know needs to see this!




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  1. Such a refreshing piece…Thank you for taking me to Santorini and Back! I am mesmerized by the breathtaking views Santorini offers, and now I Just added this travel destination onto my Bucket List! Thank you for such invaluable read DO!!!


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