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If you’re like me, you have no difficulty attracting certain types of guys. The kind you don’t desire to be with at all. You know what I’m talking about, the creepy weirdos that shamelessly call you at midnight to ‘hear your voice’ or the overly needy ones that suffocate you by making it their mission to always be in your space. Hell, they’d take you to the bathroom every time if they could (that’s assuming it hasn’t gotten that far). The ones that follow every one you have tagged on your facebook photos and even goes ahead to start up chats with ‘your people’. This one is a major red flag for me. The one that looks unkempt with bad breath and funny odor…

The guys you are actually really interested in just never pursue you. Ever. So you’re probably perplexed at what their deal is. Well thing is, if he caught your eye, he has alluring qualities that he’s aware he has. So he won’t settle for just about any girl that doesn’t tickle his fancy. Men just don’t compromise on their partners. They’re pretty clear on their type and anything that falls out of that bracket, his attention is oblivious to it.  Here is a list of results from a Science study on what men find most attractive in a partner.



Genuine care of the next person, wanting to help and make others feel comfortable. The bigger pictures is kindness is associated to femininity, which is considered as a characteristic of a beautiful woman. Think about it, boys rough each other up all the time and will very rarely act kindly towards each other… they consider it being weird or soft. And we know how much men hate being associated to being softies. If this is their perception of being manly, then the opposite can only add up to being feminine. It is always said that it costs nothing to be kind, so you stand to lose nothing if you are. (Okay I’m the one who said it. Lol)

  1. Youthfulness

Before the older women shoot me for sounding so insensitive, wait a minute, I am not referring to actual age. It is a general perception that men prefer females who are young but that is not quite the case. The word youth is associated to a younger age bracket. Youthfulness however, is more of your attitude. It means being very sociable, spontaneous and excited about life. Possessing an unmistakable energy that is infectious. This is the kind that is super attractive. Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible that a woman in her forties will present such qualities as it is that a nineteen-year-old will have an old, lame, boring and way too serious attitude. Hence it goes without saying that youthfulness has nothing to do with actual age.

Remember how you would get high on teen love… giggle while texting him and be so open to exploring adventure together. He was hooked to you, right? That’s because it is human nature to keep evolving and constantly crave for excitement in life. Routines and extremely reserved people will suck the life out of you as it’s easier for them to say no than yes.

The only thing that is constant in life is change. ~ words from a wise man that I do not recall the name at this moment. Drop a comment of their name down below if you do!

  1. High self-worth, High value women

I don’t mean the arrogant kind where you dominate the conversation the whole evening while on your first date. That’s unattractive, even when men do it. It is the kind where you are clear on what you deserve because you know what you are bringing to the table. Set the standard and stick to it. High self worth women will present more solutions than problems. They will motivate him to be better and challenge the status quo.

  1. Curves

It goes without saying that men are visual creatures. They cannot resist a great figure. Literally, they are attracted to it like unlike poles of a magnet are to each other  (in physics…ring a bell?) To be more precise, a waist to hip ratio of about point seven creates the idea of a perfect hour glass shape. If you do not naturally have this figure, there are plenty of workout and diet plans specific to achieving this online or even in your local gym. However, if you decide to take the easier road and get some work done, be careful not to risk looking too fake or plastic. This kind is not so attractive to most guys. Also, if you can’t afford top service, I advise against going to quacks. Isn’t it just the other day when we lost a young soul due to complications resulting from plastic surgery? It is simply not worth losing your life. Besides, who are you going to show off the new set of fperky bosoms to when six feet under.

Another option is wearing clothing designs that compliment your body and create the illusion that your waist is smaller than it actually is.

  1. Giving an indication of interest

Could be a brush on his hand or brief touch to make skin contact, hold eye contact just a few seconds longer then pretend to blush and look away. Even better, simply tell him you are interested. However you may choose to relay the message, just cut the guy some slack. I guarantee you it will build a massive attraction of him towards you. This will also boost his confidence and encourage him to get closer to you. And no, laughing obnoxiously at a lame joke doesn’t count. In fact, it makes you look crazy. Remember, this should only be a hint…if he doesn’t respond to it after a few attempts, move on swiftly.

  1. Positive attitude and vibes

Men really are attracted to cheerful women who seem to have a lot going on for them. A happy person is related to a prosperous life. Positive energy is contagious, so it livens up the mood of the immediate surrounding. There is nothing better than a person who even at the lowest possible point finds the bright side and a reason to smile. Otherwise, just like the bad news, he will switch to another channel or turn to the next page.

  1. Honesty

It is very unattractive being caught in a lie on the first date, worse still about something so silly such as exaggerating the price of a purchase or where you work or live. It makes you seem miserable and unhappy about yourself. It will also get him wondering whether he can ever truly trust your word. My advice is practice self-love and accept all of you to become content with where you are in your life. If you are unable to achieve this, then maybe you shouldn’t be dating in the first place.

8. Playing with your hair

It’s been known to be a sign of a girl attracted to a guy. The gesture you make with your hands will bring his attention to you. What you are trying to communicate is “look at my hair!” or “look at my face!” Or, you’re just fixing your hair to make sure you’re looking your best for him. Either way, he’ll find it attractive

9. Showing Gratitude

I remember one time I was bar-tending at an out door event and towards the end of the performances, this guy from coca cola was giving out really cool key holders shaped as a world cup trophy. This is obviously a simple gift but I loved it so much and I made it evident how thrilled I was to receive the gift. I kid you not, he went back to his truck and brought back a handful of more souvenirs, I was unable to fit all of them in my tiny hands! He watched me in amusement go crazy at all the small goodies… Finally when I calmed down, he told me he’d never witnessed someone so enthusiastic about being gifted and it made him fancy to do more.

That’s just something about me, I always make a big deal of any gifts I receive. Maybe it’s for the reason that one of my love languages is receiving gifts… who knows!

10. Smile

Ever heard of the term smalking? It is when you smile while talking. Smalking makes your words come out clearly since your mouth is more open. It also makes it hard for someone to zone out on the conversation since they’ll be paying attention to your face. This probably sounds crazy but you can actually train yourself in front of a mirror to get used to doing it. Even better, smile while listening to him talk to encourage him to keep sharing. Of course you shouldn’t try this when he’s breaking news about losing  a close family member or him just getting fired…you’ll look crazy, not to mention other unattractive things. Be smart about this tactic.

11. Your brain

Your most appealing asset, a good mind. Smart confident men are attracted to smart confident women. Dumb insecure men are intimidated by smart women. This kind will take what may seem as small harmless jabs at you by making subtly offensive comments to you to make you feel insecure. They will make you question your intelligence and self-judgement on your appearance and personality. Word of advice, RUN!

12. Playful and competitive

The serious man in the boardroom has a jolly boyish side in him that loves to loosen up and have a good laugh. A girl who is actually so good at a sport that she gets competitive is super attractive, as you are able to connect on a deeper level, his the boyish side. It can actually be a turn on if you grab something from him and pretend to run off playfully. However, you turning into a pick pocket and actually running away with it is not. That’s not funny, it’s robbery. Shame on you.

13. Simple. But not in a boring way

My general observation is that most women like to complicate things unnecessarily. A simple question on where to eat will quickly escalate into an argument. It is annoying how indecisive girls are about most things. This is the main reason why men dread taking their women shopping no matter how much they love you. That and He’ll probably end up broke.

Anyway, learn to answer the question you have been asked and keep it simple… single sentences preferably. Take minimum time in making a decision and stick to it.  Also, when you reply with a “oh I don’t know…what do you feel like?” Whatever he suggests goes. End of story.


Thank you for reading this far, I sincerely hope that this was educative and fun. If you have points that you feel should have made the list, pop them down below on the comments section and keep the conversation going…

Guys, do you agree or disagree?

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