6 Sayings You Use Everyday that Are Wrong

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So much has been said about life, tips and tricks shared on the hacks to survive this harsh world. But so much of it is ill advised or impractical in today’s daily life. The human being is an amazing creature that seeks to advance and better their life. This has best been achieved by testing and challenging what has been known to be the norm. Some things that worked a century… even a decade ago, may not be applied today. While others, are as good as gold. And as we know, gold will not be lacking in value any time soon.

You have probably come across these sayings before. But have you ever stopped to question their meaning and relevance? Well I have. My goal with this list is not to scare you or offend you. But instead, to have you question your beliefs and start thinking for independently. As opposed to taking whatever info is available and adopting it as your reality.

Pay close attention to each point, as it’s significance is inevitable.

  1. Knowledge is power  No its not. The power is in what you choose to do with the knowledge.  How many people do you know that give great advise but never follow it?  Ever been referred to a marriage counselor  that has been divorced a couple of times, so you can’t help but wonder, if their advice is really that good how come they haven’t used it to stay married? How many doctors do you know that smoke cigarettes?  My point is, having knowledge is the first step to gaining power. But mastering how to employ the knowledge gained to your daily life, now that is real power.
  2.  Hard work pays – Yes it does, it pays minimum wage. Don’t get me wrong, you will need to put in the work, if you want to get ahead in life. Instead, work smart. Take a look at the world around you. The people that work the hardest barely make ends meet. They rarely have time to themselves, since they exchange their time for money. The highest earning individuals are paid for the value they bring to the table, because of their mindset.  Take back control of your time by increasing your value as an individual. Because the world pays those who they see as having a valuable mindset.
  3. Blood is thicker than water – density wise, yes. I think there is an abundance in examples of family coming short of expectation. Don’t get me wrong, family is very important. But I feel family members sometimes abuse the relation to suit their selfish interests. If you are not careful, your family may even pull you down. In contrast, a stranger may offer the help you desperately needed.
  4. There is power in numbers. I think a more accurate point is there is confusion in numbers. If you want to get ahead in life, which I’m assuming is the reason for you reading this piece, you have to be comfortable with being alone. Because it is in this time that the greatest growth ensues. Use your alone time to reflect and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate your unique features. Set clear goals and plan on steps you plan to take to achieve them. Otherwise, always having people around you will thwart you from achieving greatness.
  5. Ignorance is Bliss/ what you don’t know what hurt you.  Ignorance is simply being ignorant. If you have to put an effort to convince yourself you’re better off not knowing something, then you already know it. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. So in stead of looking at a difficult situation as a problem, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it. This is only possible if you do away with the ignorant attitude and tackle the problem head on. Because what you don’t know, will eventually hurt you.
  6.  God has a plan for you.  This is famously used among the religious people. It is somehow supposed to explain why things are not going great for you. Some people will go as far as to pray about something they would like and leave it all to God to make the rest happen. A harsh wake up call kiddo, that won’t happen. God had a purpose for you when you were conceived. It is your job to figure out what that purpose is and work to get it achieved. There is no grand plan that is to be followed strictly. Only a choice of how you will go out of this world. Either as a mediocre being who people did not notice when they are gone. Or a legend who left a permanent mark in the world, by all the lives they impacted in the course of their journey through life. Your choice. Personally, I would rather the latter.


Thanks for reading this far. I sincerely hope this was educative and fun. That you are now encouraged to shine a light on the things that may not be working and should be replaced. Speak up and don’t be afraid to challenge the norm. But also, reserve an open mind that receives feedback well. And use it to grow and become a better human being.

I am curious to know, what other sayings that are frequently used and meant to be words of the wise, but feel wrong or do not make much sense? Share them on the comments section to teach other people reading this. You may help a couple of people dealing with real life issues!

As always, don’t forget to share with that one person you know needs to see this.




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2 thoughts on “6 Sayings You Use Everyday that Are Wrong

  1. Awesome post!!! Thank You.
    Not sure I fully agree with 2.
    It seems to me that no matter what choice you make in life, you have to put in the hours. No shortcuts if you want to build something sustainable in my opinion.


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