As a Man Thinketh so He Become

Sad1 One afternoon as I was taking a break from work, I came across a video online. The video was of an elephant whose neck had been tied to a rope. The edge of the rope was tied on what looked like a small stick and dug into dirt. The interesting bit was that the elephant thought it was bound by the circumference the rope’s length extended. So whenever it went a bit further and felt the rope tag slightly, it quickly changed it’s direction back closer to the stick. The people that stood close recording and watching laughed at the animal. This was somewhere in Indonesia. They start the harsh training when the calf is young and much weaker as compared to a fully-grown elephant. The calf will be tied down in the same way but with a much stronger rope. The wood used is also well secured in the dirt. The calf will fight vigorously and try to break free on the first attempts. The exercise is however repeated until one day, the calf will finally think it can never break free of bondage. It believes it is weak and cannot free itself, so it stops fighting and obeys to stay within the circumference allowed by the rope tied to it. So even when fully grown and strong enough to destroy a tree, it is bound by a tiny stick. A harsh conditioning of the mind… but it works effectively. Negativity is a part of life. You cannot avoid it, it is everywhere. You therefor must handle the negative element. Here is what you may have not known, or rather realized. Negativity will often exist within you. It is the great war between good and evil. So when good does not arouse itself and become active, evil is automatic. Darkness shall prevail where light does not come bursting in to claim it’s turn. Where work is not put in, laziness wins. Where risk is not taken, comfort shall remain dominant. The point I am driving at, is that you will have to handle the negativity that exists in the world, and within you. Not ignore it but handle it. You will have to take repetitive measures daily until you finally beat all these vices. And even after successfully ridding yourself, a routine of active maintenance is required if you are going to keep the problem away. Because remember that negativity is automatic and will always exist. So, a week of neglect could cause you a year of repair. From today’s title, I will be tackling on something that is not new but is often ignored. I have struggled with this for a big part of my life. This may come as a surprise to those who know me, because I seem to always bring positive energy and be confident. Well I will be the first to admit that even I have low moments. That without the realisation on what habitual diseases are and the impact they have to my progression, I risk the worst outcome of life. Dying while having been unfulfilled. The following list will shed light on some of the characteristics keeping you from breaking new ground. Keeping you from achieving much more than you currently have. Something inside you tells you that you can achieve greatness, even though your current reflects otherwise. Solving a problem begins with the realisation that you have a problem. Identify the problem and isolate it so you can work to rid yourself of it. This is exactly what I choose to do with each passing day. Because remember, for good to prevail, an active routine of maintenance must be practiced. The problem in this case is the habitual diseases, which Pay close attention to each point, for its significance is inevitable. Habitual Diseases sad21 Self-doubt This one will cripple you from ever doing anything worth of notice. An excellent self-doubter will ultimately doubt whether he deserves this life and erase himself of it. What is the antidote of this then? Becoming a believer. There are many great things in this world to believe in, but the number one should be a strong believe in yourself.  I had desired to write for a long while. I’m pretty sure people got weary of me always talking about starting a blog for so long, but never actually getting around to do it. I doubted whether I fit the role, I doubted my ability as a writer, I doubted relevance of the topics I wanted to write about. So much that it paralyzed me with fear of failing. But then, one of my mentors said something that challenged me to take a leap of faith! Now twenty plus articles later, it is very clear to me that the understanding of self-worth is the beginning of progress.   Indecision Also identified as mental paralysis. Indecisive people are often scared of not always being right, so they almost never make any decisions for themselves. A life full of adventure is a life full of taking many risks. And when you fail, even better! It will award you with the experience on how to make better decisions. So, shake off the temptation of being on the fence too long. You will eventually fall off on one side anyway. I don’t know about you, but if falling off is inevitable, I would rather choose which side to land than become a victim of external forces. The reality is, if you do not make the decision for yourself, someone else will do it for you. Starting today, resolve to walk out of the toxic relationships. Make the bold move of a career change from your current boring routine. Because eventually, you will start to under perform and fall short of expectations until finally the company will not find value in your services anymore. Whatever the decision is that needs to be made, abandon the disease that is indecision and start to yield back control of your life.  ` sad4 Indifference If you have this habit, you are normally not concerned about anything. You don’t even know whether you care or not. Often, the phrase “It’s never that serious” is used as an excuse for mediocrity. This is also described as the ‘mild approach’. To be any kind of winner, you’ve got to get worked up at some point. You’ve got to be passionate about something. So much as to have your emotions stirred up. Indifference will keep you from focusing on one thing. Lack of focus means you are never really progressing in any direction. If you are not progressing, you may as well be like a tree. Rooted to one place. Only the tree will grow to its full potential while your last six years will be the same as the next six years of your life. What a sad way to live!   Over caution A person who is over cautious avoids taking any risks. They always stick to their comfort zone. Often, the term you will hear them say is “What if this happens? What if that happens?” Well the thing is, there is not a single successful person that never took risks. I don’t mean that you should be reckless either but being too over cautious means, you will never have much and rids you of the chance to learn something new. See we don’t grow when we are doing everything right. We grow from the experience gotten from mistakes made. If you think investing is risky, wait till you see the price of not investing at all! Even life itself is a risk! One thing I have recently come to learn is that it’s not important how long you live. What’s important is how well you live. So, from today, don’t ask for security. Ask for adventure. Because the beginning of spiritual death is instigated with the ending of adventure. sad3 Pessimism Picture being a guy that is invited to a friend’s party. A lovely damsel captures your attention in the crowd. A good-looking man keeps to her side for most of the night. She then smiles and starts to laugh at something he just said. You can swear to yourself that she is the most magnificent creature you have ever laid your eyes on. ‘I would do anything to make her mine!’ Your boy announces. Confirming your thoughts of the beauty being a complete ten! He then starts towards her direction…you quickly grab his arm to stop him. You rant a bit about how she would never give him the time of the day. How her boyfriend will rearrange his facial features for trying to get his girl. He ignores all you had to say and proceeds to introduce himself. Now two years after, you stand staring on at how she gushes deeply while reciting her vows to your boy. You are the best man at their wedding. ‘What if she would have been the love of your life?’ The forlorn thought echoes your mind. You now detest your cowardly nature. The deadly disease of always looking at the bad side of a situation. Looking at all the reasons why it won’t work. Present a pessimist with a business idea that will earn you gold returns, and they will come up with five reasons why it will fail. A pessimist is so dumb he won’t even realize he only needed one reason. Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are. Not how they actually are. Poor thinking habits keeps most people poor. Instead of seeing the glass as half empty, replace the idea with a glass being half full mentality. sad6 Worry This one will cost you your health, your relationships, your job and even your life. The most ludicrous thing about worry is it being an assumption on something bad that will happen even before it does. You forever live in a future that seems dark from where you stand. Anytime his phone gets a notification, you worry he is cheating. I have a personal dealing with this disease, so I understand the lengths of paranoia it causes it caused me. I became such a buzz kill, I start to repulse any close kindred. They would avoid me like the plague! It was the worst bit of my life. Took everything in me to divorce this one and marry optimism. It still tries to creep back like an unwanted ex, but I am quick to remind worry that we broke up because it wasn’t working out and not a zilch has changed. Breakups are not easy, but they are worth it. Best way to control your future is to take charge of your present. Want not to have to worry about your financial security in the future? Stop eating all that junk and having all that meaning less sex. Instead, devote that energy into self development to add your value to the world. Pick up on financial mastery to augment value instead of liability. sad5.JPG Complaining Nothing will kill your future faster than complaining. God hates complaining so much that the children of Israel never made it to the promised land. Reason being, they complained from day one about everything. The water was not enough, the food was not good enough. The weather was too cold and when it changed, it was then too hot. The distance was too far. He’d had it with all the ungrateful cries of the Israelites! Just like the Israelites, people that complain shall never attract greatness to them for it is a sin to complain. Harboring this disease is a confirmation that you lack the efficiency to carry out any task. In a way, all the above relate to each other. To beat one, you must rid yourself of all. Maintain one of either, and you will soon attract two, if not all. If you can identify having any habitual disease listed above, do not lose hope. I am living proof that a full recovery is possible. But just like any other disease, you will need to boost your immune to fight any re-occurrence. Avoid people who show signs of the habitual diseases. Man must stand guard at the gates of his mind to safeguard it. Your immune system in this case, is your mind. Habits are often implemented by repetition of practice. Knowing this helps you to understand that in order to develop a good habit, you must replace the bad one by repeated practice of a good habit. Have you had to battle any habitual disease? Did you succeed at erasing them from your life? Or is it still work-in-progress? Share your experience down below on the comments section. If you have any questions on how to beat these, you also can pop them on the comments section and I will reply back to help you beat these vices.   Thank you for reading this far, I sincerely hope that this was insightful and practical to empower you. If you have points that you feel should have made the list, pop them down below on the comment section and keep the conversation going. As always, don’t forget to share with that one person you know needs to see this.   Sincerely, DO, Delightfully Unorthodox    

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